Are you a raving fan of your inventory pages?

Are you a raving fan of the trailer inventory pages you have on your website?  

More importantly are your website visitors, aka potential customers, raving fans of your trailer inventory pages?

Here’s what Leslie at Whitespruce Trailer Sales has to say about our service:

“I have been using it for a few months and REALLY like it!  Easy to load new inventory and prospects are spending more time at my website looking at inventory.  The pages allow me to get all the info about the trailers out there, pictures, and associated accessories that they might want with the trailer.  Doesn’t cost much at all and has made a difference in sales since I loaded it on.”

There are several key features visitors look for on inventory pages, so making sure you have most, if not all of them, will keep visitors on your website. 

The key features are:

  1. Ease-of-Use:  Give your visitors easy, one-click ways to access specific types and/or manufacturers they may be looking for.  Your trailer inventory page layouts should be consistent that way visitors know right where to look for information that’s important to them.
  2. Quality Pictures:  The pictures of your trailers should be clear, crisp and taken in good lighting.
  3. Pricing:  One of the biggest complaints we hear from visitors is that dealers don’t put up any pricing.  As an Internet Partner, it’s our duty to be flexible, as we know some manufacturers have online pricing restrictions.  However, I always urge dealers to post pricing if they can.
  4. Description:  Make sure you enter a good “sales pitch” type description that includes the year, manufacturer and type of the trailer.  As long as your web page is setup correctly and your website is search engine friendly, the spiders can use this information to help index and rank your website.
  5. Contact:  Allow visitors to contact you right from the trailer detail page they are looking at to make an offer, ask general questions, etc.  Make sure that contact form forwards the trailer info to you as well, that way you know what specific trailer they were looking at so you can follow up quickly.

I hope you find this information helpful. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me and I’ll be more than happy to help.  You can also visit our website:

Cindy Spencer  🙂

Email Marketing with iContact

Tutorial: Email Marketing with iContact from NetSource Technologies on Vimeo.

We actually have two options for your e-mail marketing:  eNewsletter Pro and iContact.  You can review the pricing and features for each of these options here:

Call or email me if you have any questions.

Cindy Spencer  🙂

Easy-to-Use Coupon Module

The design and programming team here at has created a new module for RV Dealers to use on their website.  It’s an easy-to-use Coupon module. 

Most, if not all RV Parts and RV Service departments have monthly coupons available to their customers.  Why not, it’s an excellent way to draw in business and build customer loyalty.  It seems to be common practice to post them in with your newspaper and magazine ads.  Why not post them on your website as well? 

My local Kia service department mails coupons to me about every 3 months.  I’ve also noticed they have them on their website so if I don’t get it in the mail, I can just print it right off their website.  So convenient and it makes me feel more appreciated and valued as a customer, which is why the last time I got an oil change (with a coupon) that I bought two new tires from them. 

To the left is an example of what the Coupon looks like.  Your company name will be at the top (where it says Test Dealership), then you have a title ($5 off oil change), price line #1 (crossed out price), price line #2 (sale price in red), description, an image (this example does not have an image), valid dates and a print coupon button.  When your visitors click the Print Coupon button, it will open up a new window with only that coupon in it and auto run the print tool.

When entering your coupons in the Member Management System, there is an “active” field for each coupon.  When that’s marked, it will display the coupon on your website.  This gives you the ability to plan and enter your coupons in advance so that it’s just a matter of marking them active when it’s time to change up your coupons.

If you are a Platinum Dealer with us, this module is included in your package and you should have received an email about this earlier today.  If you are a Dealer Partner or Member Dealer, and you would like to use this tool on your website, send me an email.  I’ll get right back to you with the information.

Cindy Spencer  🙂

National Park Week – April 17-25!!

National Park Week is coming up.  This annual week for celebration and recognition of our National Parks is April 17 – 25, 2010.  Our National Parks are living examples of the best this Nation has to offer and can provide opportunites to learn and grow.

This year take a day or two out of your busy schedule to visit the National Parks near you – for FREE!!

To Find a Park near you go to: – you can search by name, location, activity and/or topic.

When you locate a park or parks that you are going to visit, click on the Plan Your Visit link on the left, then click Things To Do and then Schedule of Events to see what they have planned for that week.  You can also click on the Campgrounds link to plan your stay and make reservations.

Check back often as they are still updating this information.

Happy Camping!!

Cindy Spencer 🙂