What is a “mobile enabled” website and why do you need one?

Mobile Enabled Website DesignsWalk into any coffee shop and you’ll see people on their smart phones, browsing the web, checking email, etc.  The fact is, smartphones have become an important part of our daily lives.  By the end of this year, there will be 91.4 million mobile internet users.

Here’s some stats that I found online compiled in April 2011 regarding general smartphone use:

  • 81% browse the internet
  • 77% perform searches
  • 68% use an app
  • 48% watch videos
  • 93% use their smartphones while at home

Here’s some other interesting facts that I wanted to share with you about local searches:

  • 9 out of 10 smartphone searches results in an action (purchasing, visiting a business, etc.)
  • 88% of these users take action within a day
  • 77% contact a business, with 61% calling and 59% visiting the business

Now some facts about purchasers using smartphones:

  • 79% use their phones to help with shopping, from comparing prices, finding more product info to locating a business
  • 74% make a purchase

The only conclusion I come to from these findings is that businesses have to make sure that when they are found via mobile searches, the consumers can view your website content easily and take actions (view inventory, call, email, locate your business, etc.).

For up-to-date information on this topic, go to: https://cindyatrvusa.wordpress.com/2015/04/10/responsive-mobile-website-design/

What is a “mobile enabled” website?

A true “mobile enabled” website will automatically detect what environment each visitor is using to access your website, then display it in the format best for that device.  That could be an iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Andriod, etc.  A traditional website, that’s not mobile enabled, when accessed using a smart phone is very difficult to read unless you zoom in several times and then you have to scroll left to right to see all the content on the page.  With a mobile enabled website, the navigation and content is reorganized so that it fits the browser window for the device used, and the pages are made “lighter” so they download quickly.

Why do you need a mobile enabled website?

I believe the stats above answers that question for you.  I would think no one is more “mobile” than an RVer, so as more and more of your target audience use smartphones, you’re going to want your website, which is an extension of your company, to be ready to serve them up with a custom, mobile browsing experience.

Here’s some updated information on mobile website traffic for 2012 and 2013.

Cindy Spencer  🙂

Cindy SpencerCindy Spencer, an Account Manager at NetSource Media since 2000, works with clients across the US with RVUSA.com, TrailersUSA.com and RVCanada.com. Cindy and her in-house team of designers and programmers helps dealers with website design & hosting, inventory management & distribution, website maintenance & SEO and much more. Connect with Cindy on Google+.

We live in the information age – so, inform!

Eighty-five percent of the units on RVUSA.com show pricing, but that is still – by far – the biggest complaint that we receive from individuals shopping for RVs.  It’s no secret that most consumers in the buying cycle are doing extensive online research prior to visiting any dealership.  I’ve heard dealers complain that they get “shopped to death” because of how online inventory has changed the business.  Instead of viewing the information age as a hindrance, use it to your dealership’s advantage.

Here are some tips to consider when pricing your units online:

  • Post real prices. If a hot buyer walks on the lot, what’s the price?
  • Be competitive. Know what dealers in your area are charging for similar products.
  • If MAP pricing is in effect, make it easy for shoppers to obtain your actual price via phone or email.
  • Finally, it’s not always about the lowest price.  It’s about value.  Convey to the shopper what they will be getting for their money.  Photos and videos are great tools that can provide online shoppers with an accurate representation of the RV.  Also, let shoppers know what kind of customer service they should expect at your dealership – great service is priceless.

Thank you Melissa Thrush for this post – it’s very good information that I really believe in, especially after this weekend and my experience at a car dealership.

My neice just got her driver’s license last week and needed a car.  The two of us did all kinds of research online for various cars, prices, fuel economy, etc.  I remembered a car dealership in Gainesville that both my mother and my sister-in-law bought their vehicles from several years ago and the experience they had with them, so we decided to drive to Gainesville to see what they had.  When we arrived one of the sales people gave us the price list for all the cars on the lot, told us to let them know if we needed anything and were close enough so that if we did have a question we could easily get to them and ask, but not too close that we felt rushed or like they were stalking us.  My neice picked out the car she wanted and we test drove it.  Then the moment came for the dreaded “paperwork”, which turned out to be about 45 minutes worth of time, they put a new plate on her car and we headed home.  The customer service was excellent and everyone was very friendly.  The next time I’m in the market for an almost new car, that’s the first place I’m going.

Cindy Spencer  : )

What’s the Time Website Design

NetSource MediaFor most dealers, potential customers take a look at their website first, to not only see what RVs, Trailers, etc., they have to offer, but to also get a feel for the “quality” of the dealership.  The design and programming team at NetSource Media recognize this fact, and are constantly looking for ways to improve Dealer websites, both custom-built designs and the library of professional EZ-Site designs available.  With either option, making sure the website visitors experience is an exceptional one, since it’s typically their first impression of the dealer, is extremely important.

Over the past 12 months, the NetSource Media team has added 6 new designs with 20 different color variations for the RV Industry and 6 new designs with 16 different color variations for the Trailer Industry to the EZ-Site Design library.

Along with the new designs, we’ve added designs with animated headers, mobile enabled designs and now have a design available to all verticals that will change based on the time of day the visitor accesses it.  During the daylight, it will have a blue sky and at night the background will change to a starry sky.  Quietwoods South Camping Resort is already using this design, “Adventure Awaits,” on their new website – www.quietwoodscamping.com.

You can review the EZ-Site designs available by going to: http://www.netsourcemedia.com – then click on the vertical applicable to your dealership at the top, right.

Cindy Spencer  🙂