How to Get Your Inventory Listed on Facebook Marketplace


For those of you who don’t know, Facebook Marketplace gives Facebook users the ability to buy, sell and/or trade items with other people (or dealerships) in their area. Facebook users can use the Marketplace to browse through listings, search for specific items nearby, save items, save searches, and more.

The nice thing is that when an item is added that matches the filters they’ve used, they get a notification, so they can go check it out.

When a user finds an item they are interested in, there’s several buttons that display on the detail page for that item that make it super easy for them to send the seller a message, or give them a call. If the seller is a dealer, they can view the dealership info with a link to their website, hours, etc., share it, and more.

If the user sends a message, there’s several “canned” messages they can send with a single click including: Is this still available, Can I schedule a time to see this, How many people owned this previously, etc.

For dealers that sell USED units, Facebook Marketplace can be a game changer.

I know, I know… who has the time to post and manage your inventory on yet another place online. The great news is that you don’t have to. We have an automatic posting tool that will list your USED units on Facebook Marketplace for you. When a unit is removed from our system, it’s removed from Facebook Marketplace.

I have a dealer that has about 50 used RVs listed on Facebook Marketplace. Last month, this dealer received 115 leads from those listings. Two of the most asked questions were, “Is this still available?”, and “Can I see more photos?”. If the unit is in fact still available, the response to either of those questions should be, “Yes, it is and you can view more information and pictures for this unit on our website here – URL.”, making sure to include a link to the details page for that unit on your website.

An active Dealer Plan is required to use the Facebook Markplace Posting Tool.

Cindy Hendricks
Cindy Hendricks

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