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Cindy Hendricks – Account Manager at NetSource Media

I was hired right out of college as a website designer for RVUSA.com in 1999.  Because of my background, I quickly became the person in charge of the RV Dealer accounts.  In 2000, RVUSA.com was acquired by NetSource Technologies.  I continued as a designer for a short period, but as RVUSA.com grew, it became very clear that my focus had to be on managing all of the RV Dealer accounts.  As our dealers diversified, so did we with the addition of TrailersUSA.com and HorseTrailersUSA.com.  We also service Canadian RV Dealers via RVCanada.com.  I’ve always felt, no matter what my job or position, customer service comes first.  Creating Raving Fans and helping RV, Trailer and Powersport Dealers succeed online is my ultimate goal!!

I have customer testimonials that I want to share with you.  They are hard to get – my dealers keep telling me they don’t want their competition to know what their secret is to online success.

Fretz RV:
“Thank you Cindy Spencer for doing what you do…and doing it so well!”

Steve Fretz at Fretz RV sent this to my boss:
“We have used RVUSA for a number of years, as well as RV Search, RVT, RVTraderonline, etc.  I couldn’t tell you the names of any of my “contacts” at any of the online classified sites with the exception of yours.  Cindy Spencer has NEVER once let me down, actually to contrary she HAS repeatedly under promised and over delivered.  I believe in your product and your people.  As a fellow employer I’m sure we can relate to the value and rarity of a “good” employee, and I’m certain I don’t have to tell you that Cindy is as “good” they get.  So thank you for Cindy Spencer!  I wish you prosperous year, and I look forward to our continued business in the future.”

Steve Fretz
Fretz RV

Pedata RV Center:
“RVUSA and Cindy are always there with us figuring out the best way to solve problems.”

Deb @ DP Ball & Asssociates:
You get so much done so quickly that I sometimes wonder if there are clones of you lurking about the office!  I don’t know if anyone has told you lately, but you are an incredible asset to your company.  I don’t think RVUSA could have experienced the tremendous growth it has seen without you.  The dealers that work with you have only good things to say and your response time is amazing.  So kudos to you Cindy.

Deborah Finnell
DB Ball Advertising

Matt @ 8Bit Studio:
Wow, that was quick.  Thank you Cindy, as always your a great pleasure to work with on their project (Ted’s RV Land).  I’ve recommended RVUSA to many people that I have worked with and will continue to have great things to say about you guys.  Again, I can’t stress enough how amazing of a help you have been with the Ted’s RV website.

Matthew Schroeder
8Bit Studio

Click HERE to read more testimonials.


My family:  husband Alex, daughters Samantha and Holly, son Justin, daughter-in-law Sarah, step-son David, son-in-law Brandon, and my Mom.  I’m also a proud “Ya-Ya” to Kaitlynn, Amari, Cordelia, Stella and Grayson.

Alex and I have a a chocolate lab named Ruger.

One thought on “About Me

  1. Amber April 6, 2009 / 7:00 pm

    Nice BLOG, I am looking forward to reading more about the industry!

    Thanks for sharing!


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