Taking Your Social Media Marketing to the Next Level

I know you probably get a ton of emails and calls from “social media experts” trying to get you to buy their management services. You can typically weed them out pretty quickly by asking them to send you stats for other dealerships in your specific industry that shows the growth they’ve provided. Also, take a look at the social media pages they are managing to see if they are re-using the same posts on multiple clients. If they are, run.

The bottom line is that marketing on social media websites can be a very effective way to stay in touch with current customers, and reach potential customers that your other marketing efforts won’t effectively target.

Unlike some other marketing you may be doing, such as radio, TV, or even PPC, marketing on social media websites can produce really good results, at a fraction of the cost. I know, the proof is in the pudding, and I’ll show you the puddin’ in just a minute.

First, I’d like to give a shout out to my social media marketing team. They are stellar to work with, and continue to pour 110% of their heart into getting our customers the most bang for their buck on social.

The stats I’m going to share with you are from a dealership that was taking care of their own Facebook page, and felt like they were doing a good job with the time they had to dedicate to it. However, they were only able to post a few times each month, and those posts didn’t get many likes, comments, or shares.

They signed up for our social media management plan and my team got to work. Here’s the results from the first month that my team managed their Facebook page for them.

I’m really excited to see how we help them grow their brand, traffic to their website, and more in the coming months through our social media marketing efforts.

My team can help your dealership on social media as well.

Cindy Hendricks
Cindy Hendricks

As an Account Manager at NetSource Media since 2000, I work with dealerships across the US helping them with responsive website design, website & email hosting, inventory management & distribution, website maintenance, SEO, and much more. Message me if you have any questions, or post your comments below.

How to Get Your Inventory Listed on Facebook Marketplace


For those of you who don’t know, Facebook Marketplace gives Facebook users the ability to buy, sell and/or trade items with other people (or dealerships) in their area. Facebook users can use the Marketplace to browse through listings, search for specific items nearby, save items, save searches, and more.

The nice thing is that when an item is added that matches the filters they’ve used, they get a notification, so they can go check it out.

When a user finds an item they are interested in, there’s several buttons that display on the detail page for that item that make it super easy for them to send the seller a message, or give them a call. If the seller is a dealer, they can view the dealership info with a link to their website, hours, etc., share it, and more.

If the user sends a message, there’s several “canned” messages they can send with a single click including: Is this still available, Can I schedule a time to see this, How many people owned this previously, etc.

For dealers that sell USED units, Facebook Marketplace can be a game changer.

I know, I know… who has the time to post and manage your inventory on yet another place online. The great news is that you don’t have to. We have an automatic posting tool that will list your USED units on Facebook Marketplace for you. When a unit is removed from our system, it’s removed from Facebook Marketplace.

I have a dealer that has about 50 used RVs listed on Facebook Marketplace. Last month, this dealer received 115 leads from those listings. Two of the most asked questions were, “Is this still available?”, and “Can I see more photos?”. If the unit is in fact still available, the response to either of those questions should be, “Yes, it is and you can view more information and pictures for this unit on our website here – URL.”, making sure to include a link to the details page for that unit on your website.

An active RVUSA.com Dealer Plan is required to use the Facebook Markplace Posting Tool.

Cindy Hendricks
Cindy Hendricks

As an Account Manager at NetSource Media since 2000, I work with dealerships across the US helping them with responsive website design, website & email hosting, inventory management & distribution, website maintenance, SEO, and much more. Message me if you have any questions, or place your comments below.

eBay Classifieds – Helping You Sell Locally

What is eBay Classifieds?

eBay Classifieds

eBay Classifieds by it’s own definition is a free, local classifieds website that provides a clean and easy-to-use marketplace for you to post free ads.  You can post pets, motors, houses, jobs, automobiles, RVs, services, etc.

eBayClassifieds.com started life as Kijiji, but was rebranded in 2009 to take advantage of the “eBay” brand and familiarity. Today they are pushing local buying and local selling, with a pretty nice looking website design and features:

  • All Local – when shopping, you’ll see ads from people in your area
  • Easy Shopping – it’s easy to shop using their list or gallery views and you can sort by most recent, lowest price or highest price
  • More Security – they have ad content filters in place to help keep out scammers, spam and inappropriate content
  • Available Mobile – their website is responsive mobile and they have an APP you can download for quick access to it
  • Alerts – you can get an email or text message when an item you are looking for is added to their website

How do I post an ad?

There’s 4 simple steps you’ll need to follow in order to create an ad on eBayClassifieds.com:

  1. Select a Category -> there’s 112 different categories for you to select from and they are sectioned out by: For Sale, Pets, Housing, Home & Garden, Cars & Vehicles, Electronics, Wanted, Community, Services and Jobs.
  2. Create Your Ad -> enter in the information for your ad, keep in mind the fields will change depending on the category you’ve selected.  The required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).  You can upload up to 8 photos with your ad that are a maximum of 4 MB each. If the item you are posting is something you are either giving away free or don’t want to post the price, make sure to mark it accordingly next to the price field. When you enter your zip, you may get a drop-down to the right that allows you to select the city, state to post your ad in.
  3. Preview & Submit -> you can review your ad on this page and if changes are needed, there is an “Edit” link to the right of the orange Post Your Ad button. If the ad looks good and the information is accurate, click the Post Your Ad button. Keep in mind, once your ad has been submitted, it may take a while for it to appear on the site. This delay gives them the time they need to put it through their content filters.

Additional Features to Check Out

I found a couple of additional features that I think are fairly cool for you to take a look at and they are in the “My Profile” section of your eBayClassifieds.com account:

  • Link your social network pages to your eBayClasssifieds.com account. This includes Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This allows you to easily auto-share ads as you post them to eBayClassifieds.com on your social network sites.
  • Claim your eBayClassifieds.com personal area / URL by choosing your “nickname”. For a business, make sure you use your business name.  For example, if my company name is ABC RV, I would add ABCRV as my nickname and then I can direct people to my ads or setup a link to all of my listings on that marketplace by giving them this URL:  ebayclassifieds.com/user/ABCRV.

Tip:  When posting ads to any website, you’ll want to review the Terms of Use.

Are you a dealer that would like an easy way to post ads to eBayClassifieds.com? Fill out this form and I’ll send you the information about our Posting Tool:

Cindy Spencer  🙂

Cindy SpencerCindy Spencer, an Account Manager at NetSource Media since 2000, works with clients across the US with RVUSA.com, TrailersUSA.com and RVCanada.com. Cindy and her in-house team of designers and programmers helps dealers with website design & hosting, inventory management & distribution, website maintenance & SEO and much more. Connect with Cindy on Google+.